Vaccination passports and status tracking for your workforce

Real-time, scalable, automated workforce vaccination (COVID-19, whooping cough, flu shot, etc) progress and status tracking

How does it work, and what does it cost?

This tool helps organisations track the vaccination status of their employees and contractors for their entire organsation including within teams, shifts, site, and so on. Configure workplace policies, add your staff, and then view a dashboard with current and projected status.

Track the progress of any vaccination (COVID-19, flu shot, whooping cough, etc) for your entire organisation

Step 1 - Create vaccination policies
Setup: due dates,
vaccine types, etc.
Step 2 - Configure workforce
Add staff: Import, upload,
SMS/Email invite, web form
Step 3 - Collect progress updates
Notify: Auto-send SMS
and email to get status

Early access pricing is currently in effect. Depending on organisation scale, the price is a fixed price of $9-19 per passport (per person) with all monthly/ongoing charges waived (custom requirements excluded). Offer ends July, 2021.

What organisations will benefit from this?

A large variety of organisations ensure their staff are fully vaccinated in order to protect other members of the workforce, and vulnerable members of the general population. This tool helps the workforce stay on top of their workplace vaccination obligations.

The platform is fully customisable via the settings page at anytime to meet your organisation's evolving requirements

Institutions: hospitals, rehab facilities, super clinics, frontline
Medical Centres: clinics, private practices, optometrists, etc
Aged Care: nursing homes, residential communities
Mobile Carers: independent living, temporary workers
Government: public facilities, events with vulnerable people
Child Care: ensure children have correct vaccinations
Mining: health and safety in high risk environments
Other: education, transport, spas, other critical care

Our technology is built to handle complex data at massive scale. Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000 employees, this tool will work seamlessly. To see what we're capable of, check out our contact tracing tool processing millions of check-ins for 7500+ locations.

What makes this platform unique?

This is a "it just works" solution that comes packaged with a lot of additional flexibility to customise the platform as required. This workforce vaccination tracking tool is one of (if not the) most advanced, feature-rich solutions available on the market right now.

Product overview, FAQs, and feature guides: Vaccination Passport Manager (VPM)

Real-time vaccination status dashboard - read more
Automatically create and send passports - read more
Visitor Management check-in portal integration - read more
Track multiple vaccines in parallel (COVID-19, flu, etc)
Track coverage for sub-groups (teams, departments, etc)
Automatic report generation and email distribution
Predict future coverage timelines using schedule data
Reporting accounts for multi-dose vaccination types
Real-time identity verification (KYC) - get early access
Custom policies with due dates and dashboard alerting
Platform automatically follows-up with employees
AIR/Medicare integration - get early access

A bit about our organisation.

We help businesses, governments, and corporations specific regulatory, privacy, and data security requirements achieve organisation-wide compliance seamlessly with our full-suite compliance and visitor mamagement automation and reporting software products.

Our compliance and visitor management software is used daily in more than 10,000 locations across the globe.

What about data privacy and protection?

We put data security and privacy at the core of our product decision making process. We follow best practice data security and privacy standards including HIPAA compliance for medical data, IRAP for government/military/banking data, and GDPR for EU citizens.

We have never, and will never sell and/or share Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

FAQ Article: COVID Comply's policies (terms, privacy, cookies), OAIC guidelines compliance, Privacy Act 1988 compliance

Best practice data privacy policies - read more
Works with all devices (no app required) - read more
Best practice data security standards - read more
Enterprise-grade data security and storage - read more

Access all features now (first 5 passports are free).

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