Visitor Management solution for business and governments

Intuitive, customisable, scalable, accessible visitor management system processing millions of checkins in 10,000+ locations globally

How does it work, and what does it cost?

This is easy to use, highly customisable visitor management solution designed specifically to work in highly regulated environments with a complex set of specific requirements relating to physical security, data privacy, and end user experiences for both staff and visitors.

Trusted by City of Melbourne (all municipal buildings), Parliament of Victoria (parliamentary complex), Rio Tinto (mining sites), etc

Step 1 - Setup check-in portal(s)
Setup: questions,
alerts, capacity, etc.
Step 2 - Check-in staff & visitors
Check-in: QR Code,
kiosk, meeting, etc.
Step 3 - Real-time monitoring
Manage: real-time alerts,
check-out, notices, etc.

Early access pricing is currently in effect. There is a one-time payment of $99 (ex. GST, no monthly/ongoing charges) per location giving you access to the visitor management solution with an unlimited number of check-ins for 6 months. Offer ends July, 2021.

What organisations will benefit from this?

A large variety of businesses are obligated to track contact details for all people (staff, customers, attendees, players, etc.) entering a location. COVID Comply can support your organisation's contact tracing responsibilities.

The platform is fully customisable via the settings page at anytime to meet your organisation's evolving requirements

Health hospitals, medical centres, clinics/practices
Government councils, cities, municipal buildings, facilities
Education primary, secondary, TAFEs, university campuses
Construction small/large sites, workshops, office facilities
Logistics warehouses, site offices, fleet vehicles
Offices staff locations, meeting tracking, large meetings
Utilities remote facilities, staff offices, fleet vehicles
Other engineering, aged care, co-working, factories

What makes this platform unique?

This is an "it just works" solution that comes packaged with a lot of additional flexibility to customise the check-in portal as required. COVID Comply is one of (if not the) most advanced, feature-rich, contact tracing solutions available on the market right now.

FAQ Article: Examples of how these features work together to check-in your workforce/customers

Monitor and manage check-ins in real-time - read more
Passport integration - read more
Interactive and customisable health questions - read more
Real-time identity verification (KYC) - get early access
Send SMS emergency evacuation notices - read more
Capture meeting details on arrival - read more
Temperature measurement recording - read more
Check-in using employee/staff ID number - read more
Setup dedicated kiosks/shared devices - read more
People can save details to pre-fill check-ins - read more
Save check-in pass as image on phone - read more
Capture people leaving (checkout) data - read more
Automatically expire check-ins after period of time - read more
Instant "Red Notice" recording and alerts - read more
Real-time location capacity management - read more
Instant SMS and/or Email notification alerts - read more
Virtual queue/waiting room with triage - read more
Advance bookings/meetings linking - get early access
Auto-arrival matching & notifications - get early access
Automatic name tag printing on arrival - get early access

A bit about our organisation.

We help businesses, governments, and corporations specific regulatory, privacy, and data security requirements achieve organisation-wide compliance seamlessly with our full-suite compliance and visitor management automation and reporting software products.

Our compliance and visitor management software is used daily in more than 10,000 locations across the globe.

Get setup in 3 easy steps (~5 minutes).

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