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Asymptomatic surveillance testing.

Capture and store all rapid antigen or PCR test results from your entire workforce or school.

Get started within minutes

Create an account online, setup your organisation settings, add your employees or students by QR Code or import from your existing software

Set and forget automation

After initial setup, our platform will take over automatically capturing test data from your population with dynamic alerts sent to your team when needed.

Easy-to-use software

Our simple, accessible software has successfully processed interactions with millions of people of all ages, devices, and technical capabiltiies.


Get up and running with surveillance testing today.

The platform is fully customisable to meet your exact requirements without compromise.

Add staff or students

Add indiviudally, import via HR software integration, or provide a QR Code and/or URL for people to self register.

Configure settings & reminders

Decide how much information to capture, invite other administrators, and configure automatic reminders.

Sit back and relax

Our platform will send automatic reminders, collect results on schedule, and alert you when action is required.


Configure for Rapid Antigen, PCR, and hybrid testing programs.

Whatever your organisation's approach to testing, we've got configuration options to support PCR, Rapid Antigen, and hybrid testing methodologies at work or school.

Rapid Antigen testing

Conduct Rapid Antigen testing onsite or at home by capturing and centralising images of the result.

PCR testing

Automatically deliver positive notifications via our lab results API integration or by manual CSV upload.


Automate compliance with
custom reminders.

Configure an unlimited number of reminders, with any depth of rule layers to ensure you are collecting test results on time, in a central location, with instant escalation policy reporting when a positive result is returned.

Test results provided

Example: send request for test result every three days


Example: send specific requests for people in this region

No profile activity

Example: remind every 7 days if profile is empty

Vaccination coverage *

Example: remind every 30 days if second dose absent

* requires integration with Vaccination Register solution


Works with check-in QR Codes.

Our proprietary QR Code check-in solution seamlessly integrates with govenrment QR Codes, our Vaccination Register, and our Testing Register.

Government QR Codes

Integrate a government QR Code into a Comply Group check-in QR Code and enforce vaccination requirements on entry.

Dynamic capacity rules

Set and manage location capacity limits in real-time, with vaccination status ratios such as 90% check-ins must have two doses.

Vaccination register integration

Set up complex location entry rules for evolving requirements such require a test within 3 days or one vaccination dose.

* requires a Comply Group QR Code check-in subscription


Our pricing is incredibly simple.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes need to stay open, so we have a simple, low-cost standard price suitable for most use cases.


per employee

Unlimited tests each month

Unlimited dynamic reminders

Unlimited administrators

Test result photo with fraud detection

Real-time Dashboard & reporting

Vacccination Register integration

Dedicated customer support

Top tier data privacy & security

24/7 security monitoring


We offer variable pricing with discounts for larger organisations. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

Contact us

How long does setup take?

Typically no more than 15 minutes. We can guide you through the process one-on-one if required.


Can staff or students add themselves?

Yes. You can share a QR Code and a URL with your population for self-signup purposes.


Will I be notified of a positive result?

Yes. You can configure automated, instant email reports to be distributed to a custom list of recipients.


Can I try it out for free?

Yes. Request a demo account and we can get you setup within minutes to explore the solution with test data.

Schedule a demo with us

Let us spend 15 minutes walking through how our software works via a live demonstration.