Professional contact tracing for businesses and governments

A best-in-class, customisable, affordable, secure, privacy-aware contact tracing solution processing millions of check-ins each month

How can COVID Comply help, and what does it cost?

This is an affordable, digital, contactless solution for customers and staff to check in to locations easily, with minimal disruption to everyone involved. COVID Comply has been battle-tested at scale by supporting Australian businesses since May 2020. Here is how COVID Comply (designed to support Canada based businesses and local governments) works.

Step 1 - Add your venue
Venue: My Location
Street: 1 My Street
Step 2 - Display your QR Code
1. Scan the QR code
2. Submit details
Step 3 - Compliance achieved
First name: Alex
Phone: 0123456...

There is a one-time payment of $99 (ex. GST, no monthly/ongoing charges) per location giving you access to COVID Comply with an unlimited number of check-ins for 6 months or until directives are lifted (whichever comes first) - click here for more information

What types of businesses does COVID Comply support?

A large variety of businesses are required to track contact details for all people (staff, customers, attendees, players, etc.) entering a location. COVID Comply can support your organisation's social contact tracing responsibilities.

The platform is fully customisable to meet your needs via your location dashboard (no hidden costs)

Health: Hospitals, medical centres, clinics/practices
Government: councils, cities, municipal buildings, facilities
Education: Primary, Secondary, TAFEs, University Campuses
Construction: small/large sites, warehouses, workshops
Transport: taxis, buses, trains, rideshare, air/sea ports
Offices: Staff locations, visitor tracking, large meetings
Sports: Associations, leisure centres, gyms, facilities
Religion: venues, meetings, gatherings of all shapes & sizes
Parlours: Spas, beauty therapists, massage
Hospitality: bars, cafes, restaurants, events
Salons: beauty, waxing, tanning, nail, hair, tattoo
Other: events, cinemas, real estate, museums, galleries

What makes this platform unique?

This is a "it just works" solution that comes packaged with a lot of additional flexibility to customise the check-in portal as required. COVID Comply is one of (if not the) most advanced, feature-rich, contact tracing solutions available on the market right now.

FAQ Article: Examples of how these feaures work together to check-in your workforce/customers

Real-time visitor management check-in kiosk - read more
Instant SMS and/or Email notification alerts - read more
Interactive generic and staff health questions - read more
Send SMS emergency evacuation notices - read more
Visitor management & capture meeting details - read more
Track internal location movement - read more
People can save details to pre-fill check-ins - read more
Check-in dependents/multiple people together - read more
Upload pen & paper historical check-in data - read more
Temperature measurement recording - read more
Custom welcome message or conditions of entry - read more
Check-in using employee/staff ID number - read more
Save check-in summary as image on phone - read more
Capture people leaving (checkout) data - read more
Automatically expire check-ins after period of time - read more
Send people to custom URL (e.g. menu) - read more
Auto deletion of check-in data (customisable) - read more
Multi-location management and alerts - read more
Capture (and filter/reject) postcodes - read more
Instant "Red Notice" recording and alerts - read more
Setup dedicated kiosks/shared devices - read more
Real-time location capacity management - read more
Instant access to data downloads - read more
Best practice privacy policies - read more
Works for high-traffic venues (e.g. stadiums) - see video
Works with most devices (no apps required) - read more
Best practice data security standards - read more
Enterprise-grade data security and storage - read more

The portal will be automatically configured to meet government requirements based on the location's address. You have complete control over all the above settings without limitation or additional cost.

Can I test it before I commit?

Absolutely. You can sign up and test every piece of functionality before being required to make a payment or even enter your card details. Additionally, you can use the QR code below to experience the check-in flow for yourself without signing up.

Test by scanning with your phone camera or click the link below

What about data privacy and protection?

Simple contact tracing products are quite easy to build. Consequently there are a lot of solutions available in the market. It is critically important you select a solution provider that puts data privacy and security at the core of their decision making process.

We have never, and will never sell and/or share Personally Identifiable Information (PII) captured for contact tracing purposes. We follow OAIC guidelines for collecting personal information for contact tracing purposes.

FAQ Article: COVID Comply's policies (terms, privacy, cookies), OAIC guidelines compliance, Privact Act 1988 compliance

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